Make Your Own Healthy Chocolate!

I remember my mother’s kitchen… still impresses me how she everyday when me and my brothers came home from school, she had a three course dinner ready for us – made all from scratch – and it tasted like heaven.

I spend the day with three grandkids where we made candy in my new candy molds. Oh my! What fun. We had chocolate EVERYWHERE! These molds are terrific!! Such delightful designs

Review by Amazon customer Happy Nana


I bake a lot with my grandkids and one of their favorite things to make is gummy treats. We have the gummy bear molds, but they’re so small that the kids have a hard time filling them without making a sticky mess all over the place. These are the perfect size for them to easily fill. They especially like the mold with the butterflies, bugs and flowers

Review by Amazon customer Melanie M