I remember my mother’s kitchen, and it still impresses me how she every day when me and my brothers came home from school, she had a three course dinner ready for us – made all from scratch – and it tasted like heaven!

As a mother myself now, only now I understand how much work and time my dear mother must have put in to this so that we, her children, should enjoy nutricious and delicious food, every day.

I want to give the same to MY children and teach them the way of healthy living.  Nowadays it will be easier than in my mother’s time, considering all the tools and products we have access to today in our everyday life.

That’s why Sylvia’s Healthy, is dedicated to bringing innovative, high-quality, value-based products designed to promote healthy lifestyle. Backed with unmatched service and of course lots of little extras like coupons and discounts, Sylvia’s Healthy strives to offer pioneer, eco-friendly and pro-health products including both kitchen and home items of only the highest quality.